Environmental Health And Sanitation Unit Destroys Unwholesome Products

Environmental Health And Sanitation Unit Destroys Unwholesome Products

The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit of the Ho West District Assembly has destroyed confiscated food and cosmetics taken form shop owners and traders during the units routine shop inspections in the district. The destroyed items include tomato pastes, herbal medicines, cosmetics, non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, baby foods and can foods.

The District Environmental Health and Sanitation Officer, Mrs. Stella Kumadzro indicated that the product confiscated have expired, bloated, bulged, rusted and dented, hence must be seized and destroyed to protect the consumer. According to her, it is the mandate of the Environmental Health Unit to promote good health, protect lives of people and also see to the healthy living of people in the district and therefore would not tolerate such act that would pose health danger to people.

She cautioned shop owners to desist from selling unwholesome product to the public, whiles consumers were advised to check the expiry dates of products before buying them. She added that more of such exercise will be carried out to safe guard public health in the district.

Quick Facts

The Ho West Assembly was established by the Legislative Instrument (LI) 2083 of 2012. It is the highest political and administrative authority in the District. The population of the District stood at 94,600 as shown in Table1 (2010 Population and Housing Census).